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No matter what segment of the industry or what area you are trying to reach globally, October Multimedia’s STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International has the widest global reach for your your advertising and editorial message. Boasting an International editorial board comprising some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields, STiR Tea & Coffee concentrates on the equipment, manufacturing, services and supply segments of the global tea and coffee industry. STiR Tea & Coffee has by far the widest coverage and deepest gobal penetration of any tea and coffee trade publication.


STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International


STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International is trusted to deliver only the best, most relevant and insightful coverage of global markets by tea and coffee industry professionals around the world through its print and internet (E-mag) editions. STiR Tea & Coffee is simply the most cost-effective way to support your global sales efforts.



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Issue 1, 2015 

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