There’s still time to book your presence at COTECA (Coffee Tea Cocoa/Global Industry Expo), either as an exhibitor  or visitor (click here).

COTECA will be held September 24-26, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, the traditional center of Europe’s tea & coffee industry and trade.

This unique industry-only opportunity comes only every two years (next show in 2016!) so you are urged to take full advantage of international COTECA 2014. 

Recent exhibitors signed up only in the past weeks come from all over the world and represent the spread of industry supply categories present at COTECA. Recently signed up are green and roasted coffee represented by Peru Coffee, El Salvador coffees, Al Ezzi of Yemen, Puerto Rico coffee from Café Ponce and the Coffee Board of India will present the Fine Cup Awards during COTECA. 

Also newly signed up in the past weeks is coffee roasting equipment from Neuhaus Neotec of Germany; packaging materials from Tightpac Europe; yerba mate from Industria Mate Laranjeiras of Brazil); teabag materials from CoreshTech of Korea; coffee roasters Dictador and Café Borowko both of Poland; tea bagging equipment from H&S Tee of Germany; tea packer Salim Aria of Iran; soluble coffee equipment from Flavourtech of Australia; and coffee machine cleaners from Cafetto of Australia. 

Click here for a full list of Exhibitors. 

The accompanying conference features top speakers in their fields. In tea the COTECA conference fearures, Jane Pettigrew, UK; Marco Sinram, Germany; Neil Banerjee, UK; Heroldo Secco, Brazil; and Patrick Ulmer, Germany. In coffee, the COTECA conference features Ross Colbert, USA; Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, UK; Gricha Safarian, Vietnam; Beate Weisskopf, Germany; Dan Bolton, Canada; Dr.-Ing. Martin Bussmann, Germany; Maja Wallengren, Mexico; and Carlos Brando, Brazil.

Coffee, tea and cocoa from all parts of the world

International meeting at COTECA in Hamburg, with exhibitors from 30 nations
Only a few weeks to go till COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo in Hamburg. The international world of coffee, tea and cocoa will be meeting here from 24 to 26 September 2014. More than 120 exhibitors from 30 nations will present their products and innovations on the three days of the event, with expected attendance by some 3,000 trade visitors. The accompanying two-day conference gives an overview of the international markets – an unparalleled platform for information, exchange of views and networking.
“We look forward to the exhibition with anticipation and enthusiasm. COTECA is well prepared again this year, with a great range of exhibitors, a conference on topical and exciting subjects, and a supporting programme to round off the three days of the event,” says Claudia Johannsen, Business Unit Director at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC). 

30 nations in one exhibition hall
Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Panama… they are just part of a long list of countries presenting themselves at COTECA. For the first time, it also includes growing countries such as Peru and Yemen, where the coffee industry is still fairly new. The 120 plus exhibitors include both the international majors and small innovative concepts – producers from the countries of origin, tea trading companies, coffee traders, and the processing industry, and also manufacturers of packaging and packaging machines. Exhibitors naturally include leading German companies such as Benecke Coffee GmbH & Co., Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH, Neuhaus Neotec, Dethlefsen & Balk GmbH and FLORAPHARM Pflanzliche Naturprodukte GmbH.
Fair trade products are increasingly important among the exhibitors. The fair trade initiative TransFair is responsible for granting the fairtrade label in Germany; and the significance of fair trade is also demonstrated in the product ranges of many exhibitors, for example by tea producer Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd. from India, and Kunming Nanxiang Tea CO., LTD from China. Innovative packaging solutions are a focus of exhibitors such as BASF, Innovia Films Ltd, JODL Verpackungen GmbH and Swiss Pack Europe.
Innovation is also featured in the new COTECA Arcade, which gives creative companies and start-ups an opportunity to present their products at small market stands. 

COTECA Conference – looking at the future of the markets
The COTECA Conference, which will be held on the first two days of COTECA, includes the top people and leading experts from the three sectors. The focus is on trends and market developments, current and future challenges, and possible solutions. The conference starts with cocoa – Laurent Pipitone, Head of the Statistics Department of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), London, gives an overview of current developments and problems in the international cocoa market. Another leading speaker is Ross Colbert, Global Strategist for Beverages at Radobank, New York, presenting developments in coffee, tea and cocoa consumption. Maja Wallengren from Mexico and Carlos Brando from Brazil, both of them internationally recognised experts from the coffee growing countries, analyse the challenges for the international coffee market present and future. Further highlights are the tea experts Herolodo Secco Junior, a representative of a Brazilian mate producer, who shows the potential for mate in the global market; and Phrasiah Mwangi, a Director on the Tea Board of Kenya.

Varied supporting programme
The supporting programme for the conference owes a lot to the national and international exhibitors. For example the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, with a cupping that features the 2014 winners of the Cup of Excellence 2014 award from the programmes held in Rwanda, Colombia and Burundi. The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), well known for its Q-Grading, presents a selection of coffees, TransFair gives an opportunity to taste fair trade coffees, and growing country El Salvador also presents its coffee here.
Tea tastings will also be held on all three days of COTECA. That enables visitors to get to know teas from all parts of the world, find out their special features, and exchange views with the experts – including experts from Germany, Sri Lanka and China. Key subjects in the industries will be presented and discussed, including conformity tests for packaging materials, and the production of specially high-quality cocoa beans in a microlot, that is a small, specialised growing area. The programme also includes a brief introduction to sensory evaluation – the world of professional coffee cupping.



















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